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We get many questions about window tinting for residential and commercial use. We have compile a list of the ones we get the most in the hopes we can serve you better and faster.

If your questions are not answered here, please do contact us. We are here to provide you with the best service and make sure you are taken cared of.

How Can I Pay?

We take all major credit cards, cash, and checks.

Why Should I Get Window Tinting For My Home And/Or Business?

There are many reasons for why to install window tints and films. Among some of the top reasons are:

  • Reduce/Eliminate Glare
  • Heat reduction
  • Increase Glass Strenght (Safety & Security)
  • Protect valuables and the interior from fading 
  • Protect your skin from UV ray overexposure
  • Lower Energy Bill
How Are Window Tinting & Window Films Priced?

The cost is based on a combination of factors: the type of film chosen, square footage of glass area, age of glass, frame type, accessibility, and ladder/scaffolding work.

Why Should I Not Just Buy The Film At My Local Hardware Store?

Because the films are almost impossible to install properly, then you won’t be able to return after use, and you will not have a lifetime guarantee.

Furthermore, the film is of the lowest quality and longevity.

Elite Tinting Florida offers the highest quality of window films with professional installation that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

How Long Will My Window Film Last?

Your window films should last a lifetime, but in case it doesn’t, they are also backed by a leading manufacture’s lifetime warranty.

With What Can I Clean My Window Films?

Nothing with Ammonia. Most household cleaners will work: Soap and water; vinegar and water. 

Will Window Tinting Save Me Money On My Electric Bill?

Yes. It takes an estimated payback time of 36 to 48 months for your window film to pay for itself. We have completed over 4,000 jobs where the customer received a cash rebate from Florida Power & Light. Our tinting manufacturer, LLumar, is recognized by some of the most respected energy organizations such as Energy Star and The National Association of Energy Companies.

Can The Window Films & Window Tints Be Removed Without Causing Damages?

Yes. Our professionals have both the tools and techniques to safely remove your window films without damaging your windows and/or glass.

Can Window Films Reduce Glare On My T.V. Screen?

Yes. We offer great glare reducing films. We actually receive calls every week about reducing the glare on T.V screens with window tinting and films.

Will My Window Film Bubble And/Or Peel Over Time?

The window films should last for a lifetime though our work is backed with a lifetime guarantee for residential window films and 10-15 years for commercial window films, so you can just call us if anything happens.

Will Window Film Help Stop The Fading Of My Home? (Floors, cabinets, furniture, etc...)

Yes, our window tinting and films’ complete product line comes straight from the factory with 99.9 % UV protection which is one of the leading causes of fading.

How Soon After Installation Can I Clean My Windows?

It takes about ten days for the film to adhered enough for cleaning.

Does The Window Film Go On The Interior Or Exterior Of My Windows?

They can go on the interior or exterior depending on the situation. We have interior AND exterior films available for every case.

I Hear That The Film Has Bubbles When First Installed. Is This True?

Yes. They are installed with soap and water which could linger for up to 40 days depending on the amount of sun exposure.

Do I Have To Clean My Windows First? (Before I Can Have The Films Installed)

No. You do not need to clean your windows. Our film installers are professionally-trained and very experienced in the art of glass cleaning before installing tints and films.

What Is Hurricane Film?

These are Safety and Security Film which are THICKER AND STRONGER than normal films. They are used in/for various situations:

  • Deterring theft
  • Strengthening existing glass
  • Bringing a glass up to code.
Will Tinting My Windows Make My House Dark Like A Cave?

No, unless that is what you want.  We have an extensive product line ranging from VERY DARK to VIRTUALLY CLEAR and plenty of options in-between.


Can Window Films Be Installed On Double-pane/Themopane/Insulating Glass Units?

Yes, we provide many films applicable to double pane windows. Our professional team will help determine the type of glass and suggest which film to use, so you don’t have to worry.

What Is The Warranty?

You are covered by our manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee for residential window tints and 10 to 15 years for commercial window tinting.

Will Window Tints/Films Ruin My View?

We use the latest technology in window films and have professionally trained staff so that our window films actually help improve your view, not take away from it.



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