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Home And Office Window Tinting Film Installation

Elite Tinting And Glass Cleaning helps home and business owners in Volusia and Flagler county to protect against harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and fade the furniture. All while creating savings in your utility bills.

At Elite Tinting And Glass Cleaning, our window tinting & film installation quotes are free! There is no-obligation and we offer a no-obligation/no-commitment consultation to help you understand and decide on the best window film for YOUR home and/or business. We have locations in South Daytona, Bunnell, New Smyrna Beach, And Deland.

Our Elite window film selection includes a variety of materials, colors, and shades to fit every home and every budget.

There are various benefits offered by window films including improving your privacy, reducing glare, and lowering your utility bills while improving the aesthetics and adding to your home’s security. Better yet, every window film product is backed by our manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. 



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Window tinting that many homeowners and business owners may not even be aware of. Among the most prominent:

  • Reduce Your Power Bill

The one benefit that most owners are not aware of is that by tinting your windows, and using our advanced window film technology, you can reduce your power bill. This is due to our film technology which Insulates your windows to keep heat and cold In. This is due to the fact that our window tints block most of the Sun’s UV Rays which would heat up your residence. So in the summer, this causes you to have to keep the AC on longer. In the winter, our window films help insulate your windows to improve heat retention which also improves how often the heater kicks in.

  • Protect Your Skin From Increasingly Dangerous UV Rays 

Our window tints block 99% of the Sun’s UV rays letting in only harmless visible light. You can still enjoy the views while protecting your skin from UV related damage that leads to cancer, premature aging, and other dangerous UV related effects.

  • Protect Your Furniture And Belongings From UV Rays

UV also damages your furniture, and other belongings, causing color fading and breaks. In wood, it changes and destroys the wood’s lignin which is responsible for the hardness and strength of the wood. In Fabric, it will cause color fading. With leather furniture, you can expect UV overexposure to cause fading, dryness, and ultimately cracking.

  • Increased Window Strength for Safety & Security (Thieves/Hurricanes)

Make your windows 7 times stronger with our advanced safety window films. Our safety films will make your window more resilient and shatter-resistant to increase your safety during storms, hurricanes, and to protect you against unwanted entries. Furthermore, even if the windows break from continual hits, the glass won’t shatter all over the place, reducing the risk and danger of cut glass-related injuries.


  • Increase Privacy

 Have a lovely view that you don’t want to cover with curtains? You can keep your view and still have privacy with window films that are reflective on the outside or with dark on the outside and clear on the inside window tints. Your privacy will be protected for outside onlookers and your view will be maintained for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Choosing The Right Film:

The right film for your home or business depends on various factors and on your specific needs. Is safety your priority? Privacy? Depending on your priorities, then the type of film would change and how much. If your main priority is safety then the thickness would be prioritized. Our techs can help you match the right window technology with your nee

From there, we have an overall of 3 types of films to mix and match your needs with your budget:



These films have dual-reflective properties so that you will have privacy and still block heat and reduce glare greatly though they are not the most aesthetically pleasing. They can be applied to most windows safely and without worry but considerations must be taken place since the application will affect aesthetics as the tints will work as mirrors.

Fine Quality

This is a higher standard of window films that uses a special blend to improve the film’s technology to absorb heat without reflecting it; therefore, it can be used in more places. It also more aesthetically pleasing than the “satisfactory” blend. The only problem with this type of window tints is that in extreme heat situations, this film causes added stress to the glass since it absorbs the heat more than reflecting it as the previous film type.

First Class Rate

These films are made from premium material and the latest and up to date technology. With unmatched clarity, heat absorption AND reflection, this is the best film to add to not only protect your home but also improve the look of your residence. It is made from the material that is used as insulators in spacecrafts and power lines so you know you are getting a product that works and lasts!



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