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What is Home Window Tinting & Do You Need It?



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Home window tinting films are the protective films that homeowners, and businesses, can place on top of their windows to gain a variety of extra benefits. From extra privacy and security to a decrease in your energy consumption and heat reduction. Each home window tinting film is designed with on or more benefits in mind. Depending on what priorities are, you may choose on film over another.

For example, you run a kindergarten after school program. You may be more interested in privacy and safety films – films that are darker from the outside view and that are reinforced to increase the window glass strength. In this way, you protect kids even from accidental glass breakage, like a thrown ball, and having dangerous glass shatters all over the floor. Or worse, a smash-and-grab case.

Is tinting home windows a good idea?

You can see how, without replacing your current windows, the type of film mentioned above adds extra benefits to your windows. Though there are many other benefits from getting your house windows tinted. Living in Florida, one of your main concerns may be the hot summer days and heat reduction – with increased energy consumption.

Does Home Window Tinting reduce heat in the house?

The short answer is YES. Getting home window tinting installed will reduce the amount of heat you experience inside your home or business. Even better, you can combine the heat reduction with another benefit like extra privacy with films that are darker for the outside view. Not only that, but you can get heat reduction home window tints that preserve your view from the inside, so they are not really much darker than your original view, but that is either reflective or darker from the outside view only.

Now that is a nice added bonus for concerned homeowners that want to protect themselves, their family, and their belongings from the strong, hot Florida sun. This is why we have locations in South Daytona, Bunnell, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, New Smyrna, and DeLand with some of the best home window tinting film experts and installers ready to provide FREE NO-OBLIGATION consultations, inspections, and quotes to get you the best film that matches your needs.

But wait, it’s not over yet. We have not mentioned another important factor and benefit.

Does tinting home windows save energy?

Yes, it does. By getting heat reduction home window tinting films installed, you block up to 99% of the Sun’s dangerous UV rays and reduce the amount of heat from coming in through your windows and warming up your rooms. This means that your AC has to work less which means that you consume less energy to keep a room at the same temperature than without the window films in place. 

Does Window Tint lower electric bill?

Another big YES. As you can see from what we just covered, less heat entering through your windows means that you spend less energy to cool down a room which in turn means your bill is smaller than if you were to not have heat reduction home window tinting films installed.

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